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    • How many people can you organize a trip for?
      We have 10 segways aviable on hand although at an earlier request, we are able to offer 22 units.
    • Is it possible to ride on a different route than you suggest?
      In principle, we have specially designated routes. They are designed in a way that helps to avoid curbs and other obstacles. If you will inform us in advance, we can plan a modified route according to your suggestions.

    • Are there any formalities nessecary to complete before the ride?
      Yes, before you start any trip you will to go through a short training, you have to put on a helmet, a road vest and sign the lease agreement, which includes to return of the equipment in undamaged condition. Participants in large groups do not have to sign separate agreements, it is enough that their representative signs one document.

    • Is it possible to rent a Segway to ride on it without going on a tour?
      We rent segways at a price of 100 PLN per 30 minutes and 150 PLN per one hour. A person from our technical support goes on the ride together with the lenders.

    • How far in advance do we have to book a trip?
      It may be the day before or even the same day. If we have places available and disposable guides we can organize the tour very quickly. When you contact us always provide your contact number so that, if necessary, we will be able to quickly contact you if nessecary.

    • What do you provide when renting segway for the event?
      Price includes segway ride instructors assistance. If necessary can provide technical assistance throughout the event. It is also possible to set an obstacle track. The delivery cost is individually discussed. Every participant also receives a helmet.
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